We created a solution for the event photographer community:
Identify Public Figures Fast. Name people right!

Our purpose is to be the fastest and easiest way to name your photographs, so you can spend more time doing what makes you happy!

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Steve Eichner and Daniela Kirsch are the founders of NameFace.

Steves dream of creating a solution for the most challenging problem event photographers have: "Naming people right" came to fruition when he met Daniela.

NameFace founders Steve Eichner and Daniela Kirsch

Photo by Amber De Vos

Steve is a professional event photographer working for over 25 years in New York City. His work has appeared in The New York Times, Rolling Stone and many other A-list publications. Most recently he has been a staff photographer for WWD.

Daniela is a coder from Berlin, Germany with over 17 years of programming experience. She is the founder of HelloPlugin, a web development company, where she has dealt with massive clients, like Mercedes Benz, Telecom, Adidas, MTV, Bayer, and more.

We have designed NameFace to be your total naming tool. Once you have uploaded and named a batch of photos, you can download the batch with the names in the exact metadata fields your agency requires.

Our vast database can identify more than just A- list celebrities. Socialites, executives, politicians and D- listers are in there, too. NameFace increases your inventory of sellable photos by allowing you to easily name public figures you may not take the time to identify.

We love to hear from you. Please contact us at hello@nameface.com