A Letter From Legendary New York Times Fashion Photographer Bill Cunningham

By Daniela Kirsch

A letter from Bill Cunningham © NameFace

This morning Steve got a letter from Bill Cunningham in the mail. If you do not know who Bill is, shame on you! He is one of the best fashion photographers in the world and famous for his column in The New York Times. He actually invented Street Fashion Photography because he was one of the first photographers making photos out on the streets shooting socialites and everyday women in beautiful clothes.

There is also a great documentary about him "Bill Cunningham in New York" that is a must see!

We invited Bill to our NameFace Launch Party last week and here is his reply. He likes the idea of NameFace! So happy!

Here is his letter (see transcript below):

A letter from Bill Cunningham © NameFace

Hi Steve, Sorry I didn't make the Celebration of your new venture.
The snow was too much on the side streets, for my bike, ok on the Ave
Your nameface is a great idea. I struggle each week on ID.

Last Sat. Blizzard was great for photos during the storm.
Lots of fun. See you about, Bill