How to be an IT GIRL - What Harper's Bazaar Got Wrong!

By Daniela Kirsch

When Harper's Bazaar published their guide on how to be an IT GIRL, they missed one step in the process. Before getting photographed by BFA, you should make sure the photographers know your name!

It's one thing to get the attention of the photographers and have them take your photo. But to get your photo into the photo agencies, the photographer needs to name you. If he does not know your name, your photo might not be uploaded to BFA, Shutterstock, Getty Images or Patrick McMullan. Or even worse, you end up as an "Who Am I?" on their website.

Here you are. All styled up, ready to go, the photographers love you, they all take your photo and the photos turn out great. But nobody knows who you are!

Elizabeth Kurpis Elizabeth Kurpis at the NameFace Launch Party © Matthew Carasella for NameFace

A photographer might ask you for your name and then write it on a piece of paper that he might lose. Or he records your name with his voice recorder. But unfortunetly the background noises were so load that he can't understand your name anymore when he listens to it at the end of the night.

Or, the nightmare of every up and coming IT GIRL: The photographer manages to put your name on your photo, uploads it to his agency but the spelling of your name is wrong! And you end up with a lot of different spellings in the search engines: Charisma Goodman, Karisma Goodmann, Charima Goodman ...

NameFace is the solution for this problem! Photographers from all the major agencies use NameFace to identify the people in their photos with facial recognition. That means after a long night of shooting they upload their photo batch to NameFace and we give them the names with facial recognition.

Elizabeth Kurpis NameFace Upload

If your face and name is in our database and therefore trained to our system, the photographers will get your name every time they upload a photo of you. Even if you are just standing in the background.

On top of that magazine editors use NameFace to figure out who is that fashionable girl in a photo from the latest batch of street style photos. Your chances to land in a magazine article with your name will rise significantly.

Add yourself to NameFace today and make sure your photo gets named correctly.

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