Monetize Your Photo Archive - For Event And Celebrity Photographers

By Daniela Kirsch

Monetize Your Photo Archive - For Event And Celebrity Photographers

If you are a professional photographer, you may have lots of harddrives full of photos, file cabinets or boxes full of slides lying around in your apartment. Maybe it's somehow organized, but probably not fully named and labeled. With NameFace, we can help you with that.

A photo archive is a wonderful thing but if it's just sitting in your apartment, you are not making money with it. We know a lot of photographers that are like: "Yeah, one day I will organize and name everything and then sell it or put it into an agency. Or I will give it to my children. They will somehow, someday figure it out."

That might never happen. And if you have ever tried to manually organize and name just one gigabyte of photos on your own, you know why: It's a hell of a lot of work. And it's tedious and boring and you never signed up for this when you started as a photographer, right?

With NameFace we use facial recognition to identify everybody in photos, we have a fully featured backend to edit metadata and we have crazy fast servers to handle lots of photos simultaneously.

And we can monetize your archives, too. We are offering photographers to handle their archive and then put it for them into an agency that licenses photos worldwide. Your photos will be available to magazines and press publications in digital and print all around the globe. And there is no additional work for you involved and no costs! Just passive income for everybody and even your heirs.

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