The Outtakes From Our Kickstarter Video Shoot

By Daniela Kirsch

We had a lot of fun filming our Kickstarter Video!

The interview was filmed in Steve's building in the lobby. We picked this location because we liked the structure of the wall behind us. Unfortunetly, the lobby is huge and had an echo. So we had to cover the floor with blankets. You still hear the echo in the final video a little bit.

Filming the NameFace Kickstarter Video in Long Beach © Daniela Kirsch / NameFace

In preparation for the video we planned to write a script and practice a lot. That never happened. When you are a startup there is just so much time to work on a million things simultaneously.

Finally, we just sat in front of the camera and spontaneously talked about all the topics around NameFace. That gave the movie so much more authenticity. I like that it's not perfect and DYI. It shows where our priorities are. Not in making a perfect, expensive video but building our product.

Thank you so much Peter from Cybernet for helping us filming!