The Relationship between the Photographers and the Celebrities

By Steve Eichner

Steve Eichner © NameFace

There is a symbiotic relationship that occurs with the photographer and celebrity. Many don’t realize it, but the photographers do assist the celebrities and socialites in either developing their career or maintaining their image in the public eye. Let me be clear, photographers can make celebrities.

Photographers offer the celebrities a platform for them to highlight their work and keep them in the public eye. They could be highlighting a new perfume, film, play or project, and my photographs assists them in getting the exposure they want and need.

This also holds true for socialites, though getting photographed by us is in some ways more important for them. I remember being at an event with an editor and we found Olivia Palermo. We both thought she was beautiful so we interviewed and photographed her. This exposure got her on the radar of WWD and Vogue, and ultimately helped launch her career as a successful mega-blogger.

The socialites use their social standing to attend many events, wear designer fashions and accessories. When we photograph the socialites we also give exposure to fashion designers and accessories for magazines and news outlets to use. And when those photos are picked up by media outlets, everyone’s cache is strengthened, including ours, the photographers.