Why NameFace Is Doing a Kickstarter

By Steve Eichner

Kelly Killoren Bensimon identified by NameFace © NameFace

We need your help to bring NameFace.com to the next level!

We started with a revolutionary idea. We have proven that it can work by building a functioning website that is already useful to hundreds of photographers around the world. Now we need to increase the speed at which we add public personalities to our database and add the features that our users are asking for.

Of course, with such a powerful and useful product we could bring on venture investors, but instead, we have decided to reach out to Kickstarter and the community of people that will benefit the most. The photography, social and public relations communities. This way we can build the most effective product for them and not have to answer to investors that only care about quick growth and profits.

The positive feedback has been overwhelming. Not only from the photographers that use NameFace, but also the subjects like socialites and celebrities that want to be named correctly and the public relations agencies that have to help the photographers make sure the names are correct. It's a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone to make NameFace a success!

We are totally committed to NameFace. We have quit our jobs and are working full time (actually 24/7).